Insights Into the Future

I’ve always enjoyed looking back to see how people in the past perceived the future. Whether it be a novel or an illustration it’s fascinating to see how people envisioned a future yet to come. So imagine my surprise when I discovered the Paleo-Future blog.

Paleo-Future has amassed an impressive collection of media related to the study of paleo-futurism. The site is rich with material divided into decades starting with the 1880s. Although I haven’t actually counted the images they must number in the thousands.

It’s difficult to say which part of the site is my favourite but if I had to choose I’d say I really enjoyed the section documenting postcards from the early 1900s depicting life in the 21st century. Here is one such example, an image depicting a moving sidewalk.

Moving Sidewalk

Paleo-Future is one of those sites you just have to bookmark. Think of it as a virtual museum where you could easily spend a few hours roaming around.

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