Mysterious Visitor

In the previous post, The Disappearing Wallet, I recalled the time where my wallet temporarily vanished many years ago. I have other stories regarding that particular house but I'll share them another time. The story I'm about to share with you now occurred just a couple of years ago. And it happened in my own home. I live in … [Read more...]

The Disappearing Wallet

This is the first post in what may become a series. I haven't yet decided. I certainly don't have a shortage of material to choose from as I have experienced many a strange thing throughout my life. Perhaps I'll post some additional stories in the future. I call this story The Disappearing Wallet. Actually it later reappeared … [Read more...]

Science and Faith

Christopher Michael Langan is an extremely intelligent man, so much so that his IQ is said to be off the charts. Several media sources including 20/20 have reported his IQ as having been measured somewhere between 195 and 210. Much of his high school years were spent in independent study teaching himself topics such as math, … [Read more...]

Happy Canada Day

As we Canadians head out to take part in Canada Day celebrations I thought I would take a moment to reflect on what it means to be Canadian and why I love calling this great country home. The other evening I turned on the news, as I do each and every evening, before retiring for the night and what did I see? I watched stories … [Read more...]

Jack Layton Passes Away

I used to be a so-called political blogger having covered the topic for some ten years. Due to my distaste for what the political climate in Canada had become I abandoned writing about the Canadian political scene and shut down my political blog turning my attention to other matters of interest. It's unfortunate that my first … [Read more...]